Monday, 1 August 2016

Nice Envelopes

Congratulations to Galway on winning the bid to host The European Capital of Culture 2020 . Exciting times ahead creatively  for the whole western region.

Surprise goody bags for a class I had.
 And is there anything nicer than receiving snail mail with a nicely addressed envelope? You can see the paints and brushes have been set aside while I enjoy myself with nibs ink and all thing calligraphy.


  1. I do wish I wasn't half a world away, I would love to learn cali graph, not that my arthritic hands would probably cope. I have always loved the look of it but I ant find any o e near here who teaches it.

    1. Hi Penny,
      Good to hear from you, I'm sure you will find a class closer by as it has become very popular now, mostly due to Instagram. I find it so relaxing I'm sure you would enjoy too, its better than mindfulness.


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