Friday, 1 July 2016

Modern calligraphy

I can't believe that I have not posted since February! where does the time go? I have been busy with a few interesting creative projects and one in particular I want to share here.
Modern calligraphy, it is so popular in The States and the U.K. but I have heard nothing about it here in Ireland so I plan on changing that. In the autumn I will be running a series of half day workshops on Modern Calligraphy, I will post dates and venues here when the full list is complete, They will start mid September and will be mostly in the West but I will travel further afield if there is demand. Perhaps your Book, Golf, Knitting...Motor Bike group would like a workshop?, contact me and I can arrange it. I recently heard of a hen party doing a printing workshop so why not calligraphy? It is an ideal workshop for brides/grooms-to- be as they can address their invitation envelopes or write their place cards with beautiful script. No experience is required and I will supply all the equipment which you will bring home afterwards.

Lots of lovely nibs and my favourite Oblique pen holder.

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