Monday, 13 July 2015

The Chef's Table.

Yesterday I was in Delphi, There is a Lodge Hotel there as well as an Adventure Centre both are set in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the West. In the last few weeks a new restaurant has opened in the Adventure Center The Chef's Table and if you are any where close by and in need of a delightful dining experience then I highly recommend you eat there.

It is open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday and it also serves Sunday lunch. Below are some mouth watering pics of what we enjoyed there yesterday for lunch. Apologies that I did not memories the exact names of the dishes. I don't usually photograph food but this looked as good as it tasted that I could not resist. We were a little surprised that we were the only diners there for lunch, but it is early days and I imagine when word gets out about its excellence it will be busier.

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