Tuesday, 2 September 2014

September and Blackberries

I love September, the days are getting shorter but there is still enough evening light to get a walk in after tea and one wants to make the most of it before winter sets in in earnest. There is also something about the air that brings me right back to childhood, remembering back to school, newly covered books, clean fresh copies, lunch in a box, and a return of routine after the long free days of summer. I guess I must have liked going back to school!
This year the hedgerows are full of blackberries, does that mean we will have a severe winter? I don't usually make jam but with so many berries how could I not make use of them. I'm not a natural cook but I can follow a recipe and provided I don't get distracted and forget I'm cooking something (until I smell it burning) I  manage to produce the occasional decent meal.
So this afternoon I made some jam. Delia Smith is my guru, I have her Delias Complete Cookery Course for 20+ years and I followed her advice re. jam making, but I may have gone a little astray on the wrinkle test to see if it was at setting consistency! I made 2 separate pans so feel my 2nd batch was better.

All the scratches from the brambles and stirring of the jam was worth it to have my cupboard filled with these pretty pots. I cant wait to try it on some nice warm scones with cream, Ah, bliss.
Seamus Heaney wrote a lovely poem abut Blackberry Picking listen to him reading it Here

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