Thursday, 15 May 2014

Tulips from Amsterdam

Just sharing some of the photos I took while in Amsterdam. We had a wonderful few days there. It is a beautiful city with lots to see and do. Small enough to walk around and the shops are fantastic, so many specialized and authentic shops. Here are a list of my top five.
Posthumuswinkel, they have the best selection of stamps  I have ever seen.
Oker Gallery they had interesting, quirky some exclusive affordable art, and across the road we got an excellent lunch kerkstraat59.
Haarlemmerstraat  is well worth making the effort to visit, all the shops there are wonderful I especially liked
Sukha Restored. and top of my love list is Sixandsons which describes itself as a general store but the displays and shop fittings care like no other general store I've ever been in. I bought a Palomino black wing pencil there, its sooo cool. I only regret that I did not buy the pencil sharpener too, it sharpens the lead and wood separately, everyone should have one!
I never saw so many bicycles, and the rules of the road for cyclists are a mystery, we took our lives in our hands just trying to cross the street, and on de9straatjes you are crossing over all the time as there are so many delightful shops.

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