Saturday, 2 November 2013

2nd Alphabet last!

I was so far behind on my second alphabet that I thought I'd never catch up. But today was so wet and miserable with storm like conditions raging outside and that combined with my new enthusiasm for Japanese ink drawing I made a start with the alphabet.
I had been practicing/doodling on a sketch book where I had already some rough montbretia, so I got the idea to divide it into the 7cm. x 7cm squares required for A.L.A.W.
 Using red ink as we used on our Japanese drawings, I stamped the alphabet, with a rubber stamp set I got last Christmas as a gift.

You can see more of this over at A Letter a Week.  Now I  have to start thinking about the book I will make to keep the letters in. I would like to use some of this paper,  they are only off cuts so I don't know if I will have enough to use for a cover.


  1. Au risque de me répéter, je vous dis à nouveau que je trouve une superbe idée d'avoir utilisé votre travail de dessin japonais pour réaliser vos lettres. Cela leur donne également une douce et belle ambiance "zen" qui convient bien à l'idée de calme et de paix. Cela fera certainement un bel ouvrage.
    - - - - - - -
    At the risk of repeating myself, I tell you again that I found a great idea to have your work used Japanese design to make your letters. It also gives them an sweet and lovely atmosphere of "zen" which is well suited to the idea of ​​peace and quiet. This will certainly be a beautiful book.

  2. I love the letters and the work that went you said about your course - it is the preparation that is important.
    Would it be possible to use the papers in a sort of pieced way to make the covers? Rather than one sheet on it's own. Or perhaps you mean you may not have enough paper altogether to make a cover.

  3. Thanks for those lovely encouraging comments, yes that a good idea to use a mixture of papers on the cover. I'm thinking I will do a meandering book like Wendy is doing over at A.L.A.W.


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