Monday, 14 October 2013

Sadly Missed

 I like to keep things, I'm not a hoarder but I hate to part with stuff that I have a sentimental attachment too. I discussed this with my family recently and I realized that many of these objects that are so dear to me have little meaning for them, so why am I holding onto all this STUFF? There are so many blogs written about getting organised, with pictures of tidy, well ordered homes. These bloggers seem to be "super" people, they can do it all and arrange their books according to the colour wheel! One suggestion I thought was excellent, you photograph the object you are so attached to before bringing it off to the Goodwill shop or skip, and then put it in an album and write the story beside the photo. I like that idea and the family can read about it rather than fall over it in the spare room. Taking that advice I decided "Shy Girl" had to go. Firstly I photographed her.

You can see she is a little chipped but she is older than me. She once stood beside "Shy Boy" but he has long  gone. She and her boy were on the window sill of our sitting room when I was a child, It was the good room used only for occasions. I am the youngest in my family and was considered a "chatter box" which I did not like and I had aspirations to be like "Shy Girl", all quiet and demure. She so connects and transports me to my childhood, now I've taken the photographs and shared the story, I still can't part with her. Just looking at her brings me right back to the sitting room, a fire lit, Mammy with me, which was an occasion in itself as we had a business and she rarely had time to be "inside" rather than "in the shop". She might have been knitting or making a hand hooked rug, which she did during the winter evenings, she could never sit and be idle, maybe we were eating iced caramels, my Mothers favorite or grapes if she was on a diet.
Ah! letting go is so difficult, so many memories of a time that can never be brought back, but at least the memories last a lifetime, and mine are very precious.

My Mother Enda Joyce passed away this August at the great age of 97, she will be sadly missed.
Ar dheis De go raibh a h-anam

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  1. I couldnt part with her either, especially with that history and those memories.I am not good at letting things go either.


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