Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Letter a Week

I feel so honored to have been included in an exhibition arising out of my participation in A Letter a Week   A Letter a Week - Artistic Travels Through the Alphabet. is currently running at Cooroy Butter Factory, on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Organised by Fiona Dempster, check her out  at paperponderings and read about the exhibition there. This is the awesomeness of the internet that one can connect with a global community with a shared interest. This project has encouraged me to revisit calligraphy  a subject I so enjoyed in school, but I had not practiced since. I am no where near the standard of the other participants but I have found their encouraging words and support invaluable. Next week as almost an extension to my new found love of ink and paper I am doing a short course in West Dean on Sumi-e Japanese ink painting. I already draw with ink in my paintings so I am hoping this will give me some new skills and insights. I have been to West Dean before, it is a wonderful place to stay and meet new people while also learning something. I also get to spend a few days in London on the way so that is always exciting for me, I love the buzz there. Hopefully I will have some interesting ink drawings to show you when I return. Meanwhile here are a couple of my latest paintings, getting into ink mode..

Below I am trying out gold leaf.

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