Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tinahealy Show

As I said I was at Tinahealy Show. I always like to look at the craft tent. This is where people enter classes and are judged and win small cash prizes as well as the honor and glory and some of these classes can be cut throat. I am always struck by the lack of design at these event. The handwork  is highly skilled but the design is so lacking. I do not know how this can be rectified, but it is such a shame that there is not more emphasis put on design. Perhaps the I.C.A. could do something about it on their courses, they are an influential body in this arena.  The skills are there but it seems they are immune to changing trends. I saw a "Tweed Picture" at this show, it won a prize,  that's fine but has anybody made a tweed picture since 1972? What about the decorative Wellingtons? well a bit of fun I guess and it lets the imagination run wild.  On a positive note I  was very impressed with the cupcakes! But the bird houses are a fine example of what I'm saying about the lack of design.

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