Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ah a Heat Wave!

I know many of my recent posts have been about the weather, the miserable wet Spring we had etc. so I feel it is only proper to share with you now that we are having a heat wave. We are experiencing temperatures up to the high 20's and some days even 30 degrees. Imagine! I don't remember ever having such a sustained spell of hot dry weather in my life time, although like many I feel summers were always warm when I was a child, but that may be my memory playing tricks. So what better way to celebrate the sunshine than to go to the sea side. I went to Keel Beach in Achill Co. Mayo and here are some pictures of the beautiful blue Atlantic.

Achill is an island in Co. Mayo accessible by a bridge. It was a much loved location for artists Grace and Paul Henry being the most notable. Now it has been ruined by development, every vista is ruined by cottages built without a care about the integrity bof the place. Keel where this beach is has a thriving caravan park and little else. I took a photo of the hotel where Paul Henry used to stay,
it is a sorrowful sight.
The building below I thought was charming and might make a good subject for a painting.

Although that digger looks threatening, I hope this id not for demolition!
Ah, but the sea was beautiful.

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