Monday, 24 June 2013

Paper 53

I have not being painting for a while, but with deadlines looming I hope to get back to it in earnest shortly. It is the "starting" I find difficult, once I begin there is no dragging me away, just to get over the hump of blank canvas and wondering what to do is always a challenge.
I have been busy doodling and without wasting  paper. When I am on the phone all paper within my reach will be covered with spirals and other marks, In fact I will prepare to have paper and pen at the ready before I make a call, I can't phone chat with out scribbling
I have been trying the App. Paper 53 and while not totally at ease with it yet here are some of my efforts.

 The water colour brush makes such nice marks, I wonder will I ever put a brush into water again, when I can get a better effect with less effort. I wonder will the process effect me when I return to having a brush or pencil between me and the paper rather than just my finger tip on a touch screen?.

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