Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Draw Something

Another game or App. I have been playing recently is Draw Something, it is like Pictionary. You draw one of 3 options and your opponent has letters and has to guess the word from your drawing. I randomly select an opponent and they vary from being useless, can't spell, can't draw types to others that are terrific. It took me a while to discover how to delete the annoying players, some just write the word, and that they don't do well. Maybe some are only 2 year olds, I cant believe the lack of spelling skills shown by others, I have had "Flour" drawn as a "Flower",! But I now delete opponents that do not come up to scratch.
I can't believe I am playing with people from Australia, Isreal, U.K. I have yet to find a random Irish player.
I would love to feature some of the drawings I get, but it would be too complicated to ask permission so here are a few of my offerings. I justify the time wasting element of this game by considering it drawing practice.
                                                                    This is my "Puddle"

You can see I get a bit carried away, but its the drawing part I enjoy rather that guessing the word, especially as some of the words might be cartoon characters or celebrities, both topics I am clueless about. If you play maybe we could connect. Better go check if its my turn to Draw Something.

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