Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day

Greetings to you all from The Emerald Isle on this our National Feast Day. I always think this day is more significant for our diaspora than it is for us at home. I don't do anything to mark the day other than watch the festivities on T.V. from the comfort of my home rather than brave the elements as it usually rains on the parades. I did make a "pope costume" for a friend that will be going as an "Irish Pope" on a float somewhere in Co. Galway. To mark the day I am just posting a green photos of a place we refer to as "the hills" which is close to where I grew up and a photo of some "turf" on a hillside, this is what we use to keep the home fires burning for all our emigrants. It does look bleak and desolate and far from "green".  Imagine going from this place to the bustle of New York or Sydney? What a shock!and yet we have more young people broad than ever, Will the tide of emigration ever stop for the Irish? So to all of you Enjoy Paddies day wherever you are!

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