Monday, 9 July 2012

Magnets and Tins

I just got a gift from a friend that despairs that (other than this Blog) I'm not into social media!
I thought it was so cute that I'd share it with you. 
My very own refrigerator communicator and you can find it HERE 
 The little box I made by covering an old tin box with pretty car fabric and then gluing 2 magnets to the back. I hate to part with empty containers if I like their shape or graphics.
 I love to find useful ways to recycle them. 
This is an old peanut tin, first I put masking tape along the top to cover the sharp edge. I then covered it with handmade paper and some buttons and a string bow. 
I finished it with varnish. 
I store erasers in this one


  1. Great post! I love recycling.

  2. Your post really speaks to me as I am a 'blog only' person - (no other social media.) Also, I have just yesterday rescued an empty tomato can to decorate and store my paint brushes. Thank you for the inspiration!


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