Monday, 26 March 2012

And more

I realize if you spend time in the evening knitting, sewing and dressing dolls you don't think about snacking so  keeping your hands busy helps you diet! Here are a few more dolls I have finished.  I plan on  making each one a box to live in and a little book  story/ biography to go with them. The Grandchildren will adore them.
I have to give credit to Angela for the knitting on the doll above.

This one I'm calling "Stay at home Maam" because I find not going out to work I make less effort with my clothes and style,  I opt for comfort rather than fashion, so I think this doll has an eclectic style.

Below is my only "boy" doll so far and here Deirdre did the knitting
He may get some bunting to hold or I may have him leading this spotty much fun to have yet.

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