Monday, 26 March 2012

And more

I realize if you spend time in the evening knitting, sewing and dressing dolls you don't think about snacking so  keeping your hands busy helps you diet! Here are a few more dolls I have finished.  I plan on  making each one a box to live in and a little book  story/ biography to go with them. The Grandchildren will adore them.
I have to give credit to Angela for the knitting on the doll above.

This one I'm calling "Stay at home Maam" because I find not going out to work I make less effort with my clothes and style,  I opt for comfort rather than fashion, so I think this doll has an eclectic style.

Below is my only "boy" doll so far and here Deirdre did the knitting
He may get some bunting to hold or I may have him leading this spotty much fun to have yet.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

More Dolls

I have finished dressing a doll I started at the recent course I did with Julie Arkell and I  made NINE more dolls. I am outsourcing the knitting to to my friends and relations. I will post as I get them finished so watch this space. Meanwhile here is Matilda with and without her pretty pink cardigan.
  After Matilda I made Agnes, she has a very smart head piece.

and then I made her a little friend names Anna, she can't decide if she wants to go outside and play or stay in and bake.....
And then some of their (unfinished) friends turned up for the photo shoot! They will be back again when they are fully dressed.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Exhibition at Iontas

My exhibition titled Quiet Places and Elsewhere opens at Iontas, Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan tomorrow and runs until April 10th. It is a very busy venue with a Theatre and other community events happening there it is a wonderful resource for the area.
I have a mix of Collages and Paintings so the L shape plan of the art space really suited the mix of work.
Apologies about the quality of these photos but my camera refuses to take indoor shots well!

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