Monday, 20 February 2012

Winter Returns and Rusty Sheds

We had a couple of beautiful spring days last week and it is bright until 6.15 on a good day but then it all changed, Today is dark, cold and  blustery, we even had some hail stones.
It has been a while since I posted some photographs of the locality so I thought I 'd share some of these pictures of derelict/abandoned cottages, there are so many around here, I'm quite taken by them and am always photographing them, I have tried painting the subject but I have not been very successful with it. I capture the bleakness and loneliness of these places in many of my paintings but not by directly painting the cottages.

This photo is not local but taken in The Burren, but I'm sure you had spotted that!

Can you feel the cold and dampness from the above photos? Well that is what it feels like here today, so back to the warm stove for me, and if you are reading this in a sunnier climate, lucky you.

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