Monday, 20 February 2012

Winter Returns and Rusty Sheds

We had a couple of beautiful spring days last week and it is bright until 6.15 on a good day but then it all changed, Today is dark, cold and  blustery, we even had some hail stones.
It has been a while since I posted some photographs of the locality so I thought I 'd share some of these pictures of derelict/abandoned cottages, there are so many around here, I'm quite taken by them and am always photographing them, I have tried painting the subject but I have not been very successful with it. I capture the bleakness and loneliness of these places in many of my paintings but not by directly painting the cottages.

This photo is not local but taken in The Burren, but I'm sure you had spotted that!

Can you feel the cold and dampness from the above photos? Well that is what it feels like here today, so back to the warm stove for me, and if you are reading this in a sunnier climate, lucky you.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Patch Work

I made patch work years ago and  have a very large unfinished quilt languishing in a wardrobe with "Guilt" written all over it. I don't think I could even source the original fabric anymore to finish it, that's my excuse anyway! Recently I was in Raystitch in Islington where I bought a lovely fabric with an architectural drawing print on it. I was happy to find that Pippablue, in Middle Street, Galway also has many tempting fabrics for patch work so I bought a few more there.

I decided I'd start small and machine sew a patchwork cushion

I plan to quilt it now, I had only ever used wadding but recently I saw Helen with batting but I can't find a local shop that stocks it so I will have to wait until I get to a big city to stock up. Meanwhile I have lots of fabric left to do some more if I can find some spare time.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Clew Bay

Westport in County Mayo is a lovely  market town beside some stunning scenery. Here are some pictures I took looking out towards Clew Bay from the quay side  It was a soft day. The colors are so Paul Henry!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

On my easel this week.

I'm back painting as I have an exhibition in a few weeks. Here is a piece I have just finished, it is very different from my usual work.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

West Dean and Julie Arkell

I am just back from a couple of days at West Dean College where I did a short course with Julie Arkell.
The title of the course was "Creatures and stories in papier-mache, knitting and stitch". Below are some of Julies pieces.
I enjoyed the papier-mache part the best as I am not keen on hand sewing and my knitting skills are limited. You can see below I made a bird, tree, animal, people, puppet and a house (not in photo)  I got a little carried away.
Ellie made this lovely robot with a vacuum cleaner

Diane made these donkeys and pram
 Helen made this house and animal with floral ears.
Angela made this happy family.

I made lots of dolls but only managed to finish this one in the class. 
I did knit her a nice warm hat after I took the photo
I also made a puppet called "Maude" inspired by the song 
The other dolls I made are making their way home by post so I'll put them up when when I finish them.
Julie is a wonderful tutor, and the class was a real escape from reality, pure child's play for a couple of days. The others in the class were so talented, friendly, helpful and very good company. 
Julie Arkell
 If you want to read other blogs about the course check these out

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