Thursday, 3 November 2011

Old Books

I love old books and I use them quiet a bit in my Collages. I am lucky that there is a fantastic second hand book store in Galway Charlie Byrnes. I see on their web site they sell books to use as furniture, I've noticed this recently,  The Mornington Hotel in Stockholm did this very effectively. I have also seen window displays with thousands of books used as props.
I especially like the illustrations in old books, Here are some photos from a book I have, even the sticker on the inside page is a thing of beauty.
It was a Sunday school prize presented for best attendance to Sally McBurney in 1924


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    1. I thought I'd heard the name before! I wonder are you related? I think it is a Scottish/Ulster name rather than an Irish, and attending "Sunday School" would be the exception here. Would be interesting to know the history.


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