Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Tree Decorations

What better way to spend a wet Sunday than making Christmas Tree decorations. This year I am buying a FAKE tree, The time has come to stop cutting down growing trees and I'm tired sweeping up pine needles. I want the tree to look artificial, I do not like imitations trying to look like the real thing. So after much consideration and a great deal of effort on my daughters part, below is the tree that I hope will arrive in time for Christmas.

I know it does not look much in this photo but when it is decorated with curated (my daughters word) ornaments it will be wonderful..I hope!
Some people prepare for Christmas by cooking up a storm, plum puddings, Christmas cakes and mince pies, but I don't bake so instead  preparing for Christmas here means cutting up some old sweaters and making decorations, these are a few I made on Sunday. Unfortunately my sewing machine was not working properly so on Monday I left it in to be serviced. You will see the bad stitching in the photos (I am blaming the machine).
This one I have to hand finish sewing the opening (spot the pin)
The other side looks like this

The green spotted fabric on the legs was once a favorite T-Shirt.
This was another much loved jumper.I left the buttons on it.
And here is more of that jumper. 
This one is already on display in my Bell Jar.
The Bell Jar changes according to the seasons, so maybe I should add some fluffy snow.
Getting back to my sewing machine when I left it in to the repair shop the first question I was asked was "How old is it?"
Only then did I realize that it is Thirty nine years old. I know you must be thinking I must have had it as a toddler, but no! I bought it the first year I was in The Grafton Academy studying Dress Designeing, it has served me well. I could buy a new one for less than the cost of the repair, but it is a work horse, made of metal, unlike the light weight plastic machines on the market now. At the time it was so high-spec. with zig-zag and a button hole setting as well as a couple of embroidery settings. It has served me well, how could I part with it for a newer model. When I collect it in PERFECT working order, hopefully I will post a photo of it for you all to admire.

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