Saturday, 22 October 2011

R.U.A. Opening.

 I'm home from Belfast. The opening was wonderful. The Ulster Museum is a stunning venue. It has been recently refurbished and it is now a 7 story modern Gallery set within an old classical building in the heart of the University Quarter at Queens.
The art fraternity of Northern Ireland came out in style . I had never been to such a well attended Opening. Tim Cooke the director of National Museums Northern Ireland welcomed the guests and then the prizes were announced before we were allowed into see the exhibition.

There were many distinguished guests and Academicians, I would know the work of many of the artists I would not be able to put a face to them! but I did recognize the singer Brian Kennedy.
This is me beside my work looking very happy to be in such distinguished company.

An open exhibition such as this must be a nightmare to hang, I was really impressed with how well such a diverse variety of styles hung together. They had grouped portraits, drawing, landscape etc. together which helped unify the whole. Below are a small selection of what is on exhibit at this years 130th R.U.A. Annual Exhibition.
This piece by Catherine E. Green I would like to have brought home with me!
This piece by Jill McKeown was stunning.

I realize that it is all sculptures I am showing you but because of the number of people at the opening it was difficult to take photos of the paintings and I always feel inhibited photographing in a Gallery.
Claire Muckian was an invited graduate.
It is always nice as an artists for their work to be seen by the public and I have never shown in Belfast before so it is a new audience for me and I was also delighted to see an image of  "The Small Holding " made it into the exhibition catalog.

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  1. Well done you - great achievement! I should've kept it up after Kenneth Webb!


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