Sunday, 25 September 2011

On my easel this week.

Winter is quickly approaching. Downton Abbey and the X Factor are back on television so that means it is time to hibernate in front of the fire and waste our evenings watching  T.V.  Growth in the garden is slowing down so it is time for me to return to my studio and get a routine of art making back into my day.
My paintings seem to be getting more abstract with less and less colour as you can see from the first picture which I finished last week. Then I decided to be more colorful and fun as you can see from the 2nd image, but it is a work in progress so it may well end up completely different, I like to work on several pieces at the one time as it takes oil so long to dry I always have something on the go.

                                                                I love to see where artists work,
                                              Someday I will post images of my studio (after I tidy it!)
                                                                 meanwhile here is a little glimpse..

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