Monday, 19 September 2011

Misty Morning

I thought I'd share these beautiful misty morning photographs taken near Recess, Connemara with you.


  1. I love those photographs of Connemara, Thank you for sharing.

  2. eithna...the first thing you are going to have to do is educate me on how to pronounce your name. As with Mise, who is also from your part of the world, I need instruction on how to think of you correctly.
    Thank you for joining our blog. I look forward to learning more of your Irish way of life through your beautiful photography.
    I have spent many wonderful times in is a magical land.

  3. My family pronounce my name with 3 syllables but then they did manage to miss spell it with an "a" at the end instead of an "e". I think that is a West of Ireland thing! Others just say it a bit like the volcanic Mountain "Etna" in Sicily. and Thank you for joining little bit of blue.

  4. Eh-thin-a - I really like your photos.


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