Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Exhibition Opening

A whispering landscape opened on Friday night, It was the hottest day we have had this year and the start of a Bank Holiday weekend so that considered I was delighted so many attended. It is a great facility for artists and public, a busy place which means an artist can reach a far greater audience than in a conventional Gallery. I hope my quiet paintings will give some calm and a moment of peace to all that walk through the art corridor in an otherwise mostly stressful hospital.
                                                          Margaret and Seamus McHugh.
Marja Van Kampen
Laura Clarke and Richard O'Beirne
This is me looking relieved with The Small Holding in the background
Deirdre O'Connell and Maeve Moran
Una, the surprised photographer! and friend.

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  1. Hi Eithna Joyce,
    Thank you very much for the give-away. I enjoy the cards and the litle folder you made. It was a nice suprise at the post today. Soon i show it on my blog.
    grt, Helmi


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