Thursday, 30 June 2011

Love This

It has been raining here and it feels like winter so I have been armchair shopping.
Here are some nice things I found.
Sugar and cream from pigeon toe ceramics

The hook on the lid reminds me of old button cards 
which brings me to this next photo.
I have so many buttons, 
I think I need to display them like this.

This tea towel comes from a collection at studiopatro,
check out their gift wrap ideas.

Maybe I should actually buy an umbrella! 
I love the blue skies on this one

Look at this beautiful handmade doll, What an expressive face,
you can find it at Harem6

Friday again,  
I hope you have a sunny weekend.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Picasso quote

I like this Picasso quote I found here and thought I'd share it with you.

                          Have a good week-end.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bonjour Baking

Today I started a new post and hay presto the images loaded without a problem!
The day had to come where I would want to share my baking with you. I am no domestic godess, in fact I am the person who buys the tea towel that says "I only have a kitchen because it came with the house" but over the years I have perfected a few receipies. Scones are one of  them, I follow the Delia Smith recipe as it is fool proof. 
I was having visitors and decided to treat them to some home baking 
 But I don't do things by half and baked a few batches
      But then I was having a Bus load of visitors 
                          They were French farmers on a tour to see how we farm in Ireland. 
They were a lovely group even if we had difficulty communicating. 
My husband gave them a clipping demonstration.

The scones went down a treat and they even asked for the recipe. Some of the ladies were interested in art so I gave them an impromptu tour of my studio, but as most of my work is currently on exhibition in Galway I had very little to show them. I gave them my Blog details, so if any of you are reading this "Merci" for the lovely champagne you left us.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

No Picture, just sound

If you drop by regularly you will realize that my Blog is more visual that text, I believe "a picture speaks a thousand words", but today as I try to post some images nothing happens. I load the pictures onto the "Add Image" page and click "add selected" but they fail to transfer onto my page. Can any of you help me? Is this a temporary blogger hiccup or is it more serious? Mind you, my printer is not responding to my commands these days either! I doubt that it is related but I am feeling "IT" challenged, I think I am in need of a "young" person to  visit and sort this out for me. And to think I was going to post images of all the wonderful baking I did this morning.:(

Friday, 17 June 2011

Some Poetry

I heard the poet Padraig O'Morain  being interviewed on the the arts show the other evening. He read this poem and explained that he wrote it after observing a couple that sat in silence in a Galway hotel and because of their silence he presumed that they were married. He first wrote what he described as an arrogant poem about them, but some years later revisited it and re wrote it this way. It really struck a cord with me.

A night out
They have made the effort all the same.
Spruced up in fresh, pressed clothes
in the beige of the Corrib Lounge
they share a desperate silence
pretending to listen to their own minds.
Once, words spilled from them like wheat from a sack,
golden as grain in a good year
or they stretched out in a different silence
that lay lazily between sighs,
little enough needing to be said.
Now, they stare ahead and wait for words
like landed fish out of oxygen
but nothing leaps from these tongues tonight.
Yet, in this silence, in this nothing to say,
is there not tenderness, everything said?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Green Fields and Stone Walls.

Here are some pictures I took on a drive between Leenane and Westport in Co. Mayo.
It was a misty day but I think that adds to the beauty.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sheep, sheep everywhere!

I had a lovely drive around Lough Inagh this morning. The sheep and their lambs were everywhere, resting on hillsides and rambling along the roads. They are mountain sheep and despite much fencing it is difficult to contain them, they wander freely on the roads and their lambs are born road-wise. The tourist slows down every time they meet them but the locals just fly by knowing that they are accustomed to the traffic. I think they prefer to sit on the road rather than the bog as it is not as damp. Nothing tastes as wonderful as Connemara lamb as they have such an interesting diet grazing wherever they can find food.

                                                        Even the foxgloves have some wool.
                                                            I think where I live is remote
                                          but just imagine living in that house in the distance on
                           the right, you can just make out the few green trees around it...lonesome


                                  Here are some of the paintings that I am currently showing in
                                             A whispering landscape
                                           Oil and ink on gesso board 24cm. x 29cm.
                                           Forest Deep
                                           Oil and ink on gesso board. 16cm.x 20cm.
                                          The Small Holding
                                           Oil and ink on gesso board.24cm.x29cm.
                                          Before Bouncy Castles
                                          Mixed media on gesso board18mc. x 23cm.
                                           Still Winter
                                           16cm. x 20cm.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Exhibition Opening

A whispering landscape opened on Friday night, It was the hottest day we have had this year and the start of a Bank Holiday weekend so that considered I was delighted so many attended. It is a great facility for artists and public, a busy place which means an artist can reach a far greater audience than in a conventional Gallery. I hope my quiet paintings will give some calm and a moment of peace to all that walk through the art corridor in an otherwise mostly stressful hospital.
                                                          Margaret and Seamus McHugh.
Marja Van Kampen
Laura Clarke and Richard O'Beirne
This is me looking relieved with The Small Holding in the background
Deirdre O'Connell and Maeve Moran
Una, the surprised photographer! and friend.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Illustration Friday, Shadows

It has been a few weeks since I posted anything for Illustration Friday. It is not that I have been idle but I have not been able to load the thumbnail onto the I.F. site, so this week I put up their template! I follow the instructions and I think I have the correct format and file size but still it won't load. Can any of you help?
This weeks theme is Shadows, which are an artists delight on a bright clear day. This is my garden cast in shadows on such a day in Spring..

Friday, 3 June 2011


Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust warmly invites you to the launch of

A whispering landscape
An exhibition of new work by
 Eithna Joyce
The Other Woman
An exhibition of new work by
 Nuala OSullivan
Opening on Friday 3rd June at 5pm at the Foyer and Art Corridor, 
University Hospital Galway

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