Wednesday, 27 April 2011

On my easel this week.

I have had uninterrupted time in my studio for the past few days, but unfortunately the Muse was not in attendance! Do you ever have those days when nothing turns out right? I work on many pieces at a time, they  are all at different stages of completion. Sometimes paintings will just work out first go, and they give me the most satisfaction, I hardly notice myself making them, and then there are other pieces that I work and rework and it all comes to nothing. Here is such a piece, a work in progress, it originally had two figures in the foreground and the trees I made with a fern, then I lost the people,  I have no idea where it is going! so usually at this point I put it facing the wall to rest. I will return to it some day but not until I have forgotten about it, and then I will be all excited to have a half painted picture to work on rather than a daunting blank canvas.
Here is another work in progress that I am happier with. I like that the village on the horizon line has almost missed being in the picture.

Apologies for the quality of photographs in todays post,
 I think I must have had the camera at the wrong setting!
So back to the studio tomorrow and I hope my Muse turns up.

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