Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Making My Art

I thought I'd show you how my art evolves. You can see from the previous posts that I live close to some awesome landscape and I am not a landscape painter in the conventional sense but certain themes from the landscape appear in my work. Sometimes while driving back from Connemara something will catch my eye, Usually the form and composition rather than the light, I like the silouettes of conifers and house gables against the horizon. I don't always have a camera or sketch book (big mistake!) so I doodle what I see on any available piece of paper in the car.

Later I may take a photograph if I have remembered to bring my camera.

Lately I have being working on gesso panels that I prepare myself with rabbit skin glue and whiting, it is still trial and error but I love the process of the mixing and stirring over the stove. I prepare a batch at a time, it takes me a couple of days. I have not totally overcome the "air bubble" element but I am getting better and there are allot of tips on the internet. I adore the surface and really like how the oil paint can be manipulated on the gesso. I usually start with an ink drawing and often incorporate a collage element, then the painting appears mostly from covering over and subtracting from the original drawing. I work on very small panels, this one is 15cm.x10cm. I know I should try to scale them up but I like to finish a painting quickly as I have to be in a particular mind set, and over a long period I loose the momentum!

I have an exhibition opening later in the week, so I have to go and make some final preparations, like printing labels. I will post some photographs of it later in the week.

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