Saturday, 26 March 2011

Joys of Spring

We have had the most beautiful week weather wise with temperatures in the high teens. You will notice reading this blog that "weather" is a constant topic! It is said that we can have all four seasons in one day. It is a national obsession with us and we discuss its every change and mood. Most greetings in shops are followed by a comment on the weather of the day. Spring has truly arrived and with it some lively colour in the garden.

The hyacinths I had indoors last Christmas are doing well despite the cold winter we had.

Even some tulips have appeared

 The garden is full of birds and bird song, I will be able to reduce their feeding now. I can see this feeder from the study window,  it is one of my favorites as it is both useful and decorative.

Spring time also brings new additions on the farm. These twins were born a few weeks ago and are enjoying the mild weather outdoors. They are pedigree Charolais calves and therefore they have to be registered and named. This year the initial is "G" so we are thinking of calling them "Golly" and "Gosh", but if you have a better suggestion, please let me know.

Young animals are so interesting, and this pair are especially cute, they are full of the joys of Spring.

I often feature cows in my paintings and my first solo exhibition was title "The Cows Beyond". You can find examples here. This evening the clocks spring forward and summertime begins. So more day light to be out and about or to spend longer hours in the studio. I love this time of year, with the promise of summer ahead, and the end of my winter hibernation.

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