Saturday, 19 March 2011

Crafty Afternoon

I found an old tray cloth that was past its best the other day, I hated the idea of throwing it away with all the nice appliqu├ęd hand work on it. Then I saw on ing-things blog a simple pattern for a small bird, and decided to make it, although its ages since I took out the sewing machine and I had other plans for the afternoon, (such as painting), but I am a compulsive person and once a project idea takes hold it has to be done NOW.

I decided that I did not like the bakers twine around the neck so I changed it to satin ribbon, As I am far from the shops I have to use whats on hand at the time.

After that I moved onto making needle cases, I had forgotten how satisfying sewing can be, but my old Brother sewing machine is very temperamental, it is well ready for retirement but I am very attached to it, as it has been with me all my sewing life

On the needle case I used the edging of the cloth and a label cut from an old t-shirt, I always remove all buttons and labels of clothes before they are turned into dust clothes, as one never knows when they will be useful again!

And no, I did not make this doll, but wanted to show it to you.
I got it from  Timo Handmades, check out the rest of her beautiful collection.

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